You’ve Been Served. What Next?

Child Support Lawyer Orlando

Have you been served with your divorce papers? A lot is going through your mind right now. And getting your matters in order should be one of the urgent tasks.

You might not be expecting it. But your soon-to-be ex-spouse could be coming after your money and assets. It’s always considered best to hope for the best. But not in this case. If it ultimately comes down to a fight between the two parties, there will be a lot in line.

Prepare a list of the assets that you think may need to be divided amongst you two. That could range from joint accounts to the family home that you two live in together right now.

You will need the right legal counsel to help you progress through the divorce in the smoothest manner possible. If you’ve got children, it is best to look for a competent Child Support Lawyer to help you out. Child support and time-sharing are significant decisions that can be taken with the help of your Child Support Lawyer. Having children involved in a divorce complicates matters as there will be a lot more decisions to be made.

Once you’ve been served the divorce papers, it rarely ever goes back. Make sure that you’ve got your rights and best interests protected throughout the progression of the divorce. That can be very tough considering the number of emotions involved. Keeping a clear head during these tough times is almost near impossible for many. That is where your lawyer can help you.

Child Support Lawyer Orlando, Erin Morse can give you the best legal counsel. While being sensitive to your needs and your child’s needs, she can also fight for your rights in court. She can get you the best possible outcome in your divorce case for you and your children. Call her law office right away.


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