X-ray equipment: from used to refurbished

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What some vendors call refurbished might not match up to what another vendor would call refurbished. Amber USA is well aware of the ambiguity of the term “refurbished.” For that reason, Amber USA has devised the following information to make potential buyers aware of the refurbishment process used.

The table

The table is disassembled; the parts are cleaned, repainted, and refinished. The table is then taken to a staging bay to be reassembled. Bearings, cables, and connectors are thoroughly inspected and replaced as required. Once completed, the table is analyzed to follow OEM specifications.

X-ray tube.

The process is the same for this part of the system. The external parts of the support system are then inspected, cleaned, repainted, and replaced as required. The internal moving parts are thoroughly cleaned and checked for sticking, hang-ups, or grinding. The x-ray console and collimator and also inspected and parts are replaced as required. Once refinished, the components are then sent for reassembling according to OEM specifications.

The chest stand.

Similar to the tube and table of the x-ray machine, the process for this portion is also the same, i.e., Disassemble the chest stand, inspect the parts, clean the parts and replace them as required, and refinish the components. One finished, the parts are reassembled as per OEM specifications. However, testing is needed for the DICOM to confirm functionality.

Final testing.

Once the many portions of the x-ray equipment have been thoroughly refurbished, the system is reassembled as a single unit and carefully adjusted and tested as required. For a digital system, there would be specified care taken for testing the detector for bad pixels.
Once all procedures have been completed, the room would then be ready for customer preview. Once a buyer is interested in the system, the components are disassembled and shipped to the buyer. The reinstallation process is then conducted from the buyer’s end.

Amber USA makes it a priority to provide the best refurbishment process, not only for x-ray equipment but for all medical imaging equipment issued to buyers.
If you’re looking for the highest quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment including CT scanners, MRI machines, an ultrasound machine for sale and much more, contact Amber USA now for inquiries!


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