Who Pays The Child’s Medical Expenses After A Divorce?

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It’s probably known to both parents that when parents’ divorce, typically one parent pays child support to the other spouse to help the child with his daily expenses. This includes food, housing, clothing, etc. However, a courtroom can’t predict the medical expenses of a child. This means monthly expenses may not always be enough to cover a child’s expenses.

So how do parents pay for children’s medical expenses after a divorce?

Well, in most courtrooms, they typically factor the costs of the medical insurance premiums to the award of the child support. For example, in some states such as Georgia, the judges make use of a child support worksheet. This would help determine the child support required based on the income of both parents. It would also include the number of expenses including health insurance premiums.

If there are special medical expenses that parents know would be a requirement in the future, both spouses can negotiate how to make the payment as part of their settlement agreement.

If couples are going through a divorce and issues about children with medical problems arise, it is essential to bring the information to the lawyer’s attention.
A local child support attorney Orlando FL would be able to provide a significant amount of advice on the best ways to divide expenses. This includes making sure the client spouse won’t be the one entirely responsible for these medical expenses of the child without the contribution of the other parent.

No matter what the situation of the child is medically, it is essential to remember that courts won’t force parents to pay for medical expenses of the child. This is considered in the event that the other parent is paying his/her fair share. If there are any other additional questions regarding medical expenses, a competent attorney would be able to provide the knowledge required.

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