What Is Water Hammer?

Apopka Plumbing

Have you ever heard a loud bang in your pipes mostly when you close a faucet? That loud bang could’ve been the result of water hammer. If it occurs more often, you need to have your plumbing network checked by a professional plumbing company.

Water hammer is a result of the sudden pressure surge when water changes direction or comes to an abrupt stop. That is what happens when you close a faucet. But in some homes, these banging is prevalent even without any such initiation. That suggests the need for the immediate attention of a Plumbing company.

Normally there are air chambers in place to handle these pressure surges. But when they are blocked or need cleaning, the water hammer comes into effect. Professional plumbers here at Apopka Plumbing company Air Tech can easily resolve this issue.

High pressure in your water can also be a cause for this water hammer. Getting a professional plumber to install a water pressure regulator will often do the trick.

Also, remember that your plumbing requires routine check-up and maintenance. Ignoring this need can only give you more trouble in the long run. Having your plumbing system routinely serviced and maintained will let you live with peace of mind.

Also, the services of a professional plumber can do you more good than you think. DIYs don’t always do the trick and can end up damaging the system even more. That is why we always recommend you to call a professional plumber for any repair or service.

In need of emergency service to repair your plumbing issue? Call us up at Air Tech of Central Florida. We deliver the best quality plumbing services promptly to the highest satisfaction of our clients. Call us now!


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