The Best Charlotte Hard Money Lenders

The Best Charlotte Hard Money Lenders

Charlotte Hard Money Lenders: Bridging Financial Gaps

A piece of property can be “promising” for a commercial real-estate investor while it can be the “dream home” for someone who is looking for property on a more personal level. Both ways, what the real-estate costs and what you have may have a significant difference in between and upon failure to bridge that gap, the only thing you got to do is to let go of that prospect and regret. With Charlotte Hard Money Lenders you will not need to be sorry as we provide fast and adequate funds to make your dream a reality.
The real-estate deals take place in quite a hurry as the Realtors wish to get the property sold as soon as possible. Therefore, the efficiency of obtaining the funds affects the investor mainly to secure a deal. Charlotte Hard Money Lenders, having taken this into account, takes every measure to wind up our projects efficiently and have succeeded in pre-approving your requests in five minutes. Also, we complete the whole project in less than ten days. The evaluation process is based only on your ability to succeed. Unlike traditional financing companies, we are not concerned about the credit-worthiness: the self-employed, as well as the damaged credit, stand a chance to obtain funds with Bridgewell Capital.
To ensure the long-term benefits of receiving hard money, we have categorized our loan programs based on standard real-estate investments as follows:
• Investor rehabs
• Rental properties
• Refinance cash-outs for investors
• Commercial property loans for investors
Through such loan programs, Charlotte Hard Money Lenders have removed a major downside of private money lending being short-term assets.
Moreover, we are direct lenders that don’t involve intermediaries to make things even harder for you. Our professional customer service providers guide you through each step of the process, avoiding any mistakes that are likely to cause any delays. Charlotte, NC Money Loans Firm Bridgewell Capital further provides investor services such as Proof-of-funds Letters, Refi-builder and Project Consulting making it an experience for you rather than an unpleasant encounter in the sake of obtaining quick funds.


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