Preventive Maintenance For MRI Machines.

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Installing an MRI machine into a facility and building the MRI suite takes a lot of hard work and effort. Once the facility is complete, every practitioner wants to make sure that it stays in perfect condition. While certain problems that may arise are unavoidable, there are ways to prevent the unexpected from happening. This is known as preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is maintenance that is performed before an issue arises, to prevent unexpected breakdowns. It is one of the most important things that an owner can do to protect the investment.

Few important aspects of an MRI that require preventive maintenance.
  1. Chiller Service.
    If there is a chiller service included in an MRI preventive service contract, that is a good thing since it is rare. It is essential to keep in mind that every chiller manufacturer for an MRI requires slightly different Preventive maintenance.
  2. Cold head coverage.
    When considering parts, the labor, and the expenses for engineering, the cost of a cold head repair can be significantly high. However, it should be included in the preventive service plan of the MRI purchase. Preventive maintenance can prevent high CCU pressure or cold head knocking or banging. Engineering, Calibrations, and tests are normally unique to most MRI scanners according to the manufacturer and the model of the machine. It is essential to make sure a certified engineer is used to work on the specific MRI.
  3. ACR Accreditation.
    Having preventive maintenance doesn’t mean that the MRI machine meets the ACR standards. This program is essential to ensure that the MRI falls into the right criteria.

Be sure that you go through your MRI service contract to see if the areas mentioned above are included. You can also contact Amber USA regarding your MRI services.

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