Penalties On Overdue Child Support Payments

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Many usually assume that the worst part is over when the court finalizes the child support order. While in some cases it actually is, in others it is not. Sadly, there are more than a handful of delinquent parents out there. They either refuse to or forget to pay child support on time. When that happens, several methods can be used to collect overdue child support.

The easiest way is to register your child support order for automatic income withholding. In this case, the due amount is automatically deducted from the paying parent’s paycheck by their employer itself. Usually, the amount deducted from the paycheck is limited to less than half of it. Not just income withholding, overdue child support payments can also be collected from tax refunds.

The outcomes of failing to pay child support on time can be severe and range from fines to arrests. Suspension of the driver’s license and also imposing restrictions on passports are few other penalties as well. Also, liens may be placed on the property such as houses or vehicles belonging to the negligent parent. Such liens prevent them from selling the property before paying up overdue child support payments. In other cases, the bank accounts may be frozen until the overdue support payments are made.

In addition to payment of the due amount, fines will also be enforced for the late payments as a penalty. While arrests are usually the last course of action in such cases, even that is not uncommon today. Typically, every measure possible is taken to make sure that the paying parent pays up.

Finalizing the amount of child support or collecting child support on time can be complicated. There are many actions that you can take if you are suffering from not receiving child support payments on time. Child Support Lawyers in Orlando FL are always ready to help you out. Call No name at her law office now to get the best legal counsel for your case.


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