Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Are you aware that the production process on the factory floor is the most important part of the operation process that should be handled properly to ensure that a high-quality output is received in the end? It must not be overlooked and should be dealt with the utmost care using a proper control system. Manufacturing Execution System (MES) introduced by Harrington Group International is a monitoring system that helps to manage the entire work in process in the factory. It contributes to monitor and keep track of the operations on the factory floor so that all information related to manufacturing can be obtained in real time with a considerable accuracy. Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is capable of receiving data from robots involved in the production process with much precision. It is also capable of monitoring other machines and employees.

Today, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is not developed to stand alone. It is preferred if all systems are integrated together to work to achieve goals of the business. We have developed the ultimate solution for this issue. Our MES is integrated together with our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to help the operation process furthermore. From our experience, we can guarantee that an MES that is integrated with other tools such as ERP software is capable of so much more than an MES that works as a self-contained system. Such integration, allows Factory Managers and other involved personnel to handle the production process much easier than before and ensure the delivery of a timely output without any discrepancies in the operation process.

An MES is designed and used to improve the productivity of employees and the entire production process and to maintain a proper control system to handle the production activities on a factory floor level. It also helps to reduce the time taken for production and the cost of production ultimately leading to the delivery of a high-quality output in a timely and cost-effective approach.


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