Kitchen Table Divorce.

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You might be wondering if a “kitchen table divorce” is a real thing.
Well, it is. A kitchen table divorce is a divorce process that’s resolved within the comfort of your own home –often at the kitchen table, hence the term “kitchen table divorce.” In this type of divorce process, the couple attempts to work out the entire divorce process with little or no help from a divorce attorney.

However, for this process to work out effectively, the divorcing couple would have to agree on all the terms of the divorce. This includes factors such as child custody, child support, and even property division. Sometimes, couples can reach agreements completely on their own, while other times a mediator can be used to help settle the divorce case. Many courts publish divorce paperwork on their websites. So, for the procedure, once the paperwork has been filled out by each spouse, the forms will then be submitted to the judge to be approved.

Kitchen table divorce proceedings normally work out for couples that can come to an agreement and have equal power in bargaining. For couples that experience contentious factors, this option might not be the best choice. For instance, if one of the spouses has control over all the finances, and doesn’t allow a fair share to be established, it would be a good idea to consult with an attorney. That way, you would be able to understand your legal right which would ensure that one spouse doesn’t end up taken advantage of.

Despite certain drawbacks, a kitchen table divorce process can offer a significant amount of advantages. These include avoiding the drastic costs, stress, and leaving the outcomes in the hands of the judge. While couples typically wouldn’t need the help of an attorney in this kind of a situation, an attorney can still be helpful and offer legal advice to ensure that the paperwork has been completed properly.

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