How much is a mini-C going to cost?

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For medical facilities, when thinking of stepping up the C-Arm game, it is essential to consider the budget. It may seem like pain physicians are making the most use of out an already existing full-sized C-Arm, so other options may have to be considered. With that being said, the first thing that comes to mind is a mini-C-Arm. The compact design provided by C-Arms is a perfect fit for the minimal work needed for the more straightforward issues, such as pain in hands or feet.
But just how much would be needed to spend for bringing a mini C-Arm into the facility?

Used mini C-Arms can vary significantly in price depending on age, features, and manufacturers. Depending on those factors, it is likely that the amount could range between 19,000 to 50,000 USD.
To determine which C-Arm is right for which practice, two major factors would come into play and includes the equipment options and the services offered.

Equipment options.

The factor that would affect the price the most would be the model of the mini C-Arm chosen. Flat digital detector systems may fall on the higher end, whereas, systems like the OEC 6600 may appear on the lower end of the spectrum.

Mini C-Arm services.

The services offered for these systems would typically include refurbishment, delivery, application training session, set-up, and a few other factors depending on the vendor.
Keep in mind that the purchase is entirely up to the buyer itself. The balance between the equipment chosen and the services offered can be customized to fit buyer requirements.

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