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Anxiety is a disorder that can feature a number of common psychiatric disorders in an individual. Anxiety is characterized by symptoms including worry, fear, and distress. Anxiety is generally related to anticipation of a situation, experience, or event that may be stressful to an individual.

A few remedies that can be taken when individuals come across an anxiety attack include:

  • Taking slow and deep breaths.
    When an anxiety attack comes on, individuals may feel their breath quickening, by focusing attention on each inhale and exhale taken through slow breaths, he/she may be able to calm down.
  • Recognize and accept what is experienced.
    If this type of attack has been experienced before, it can be really frightening. However, it is essential to keep in mind that these symptoms will pass and everything will be okay.
  • Practicing mindfulness.
    Being mindful when the attack begins is an important technique that can be used to ground thoughts to the present. Practicing mindfulness can be done by actively observing the thoughts and sensations without reacting to them.
  • Use techniques that are relaxing.
    Relaxing techniques include imagery that is guided, muscle relaxation, or aromatherapy. If an individual is experiencing symptoms of anxiety attacks, doing the things that they find most relaxing is one of the best things that can be done.

While these remedies may assist in being able to reduce the attack, speaking to a competent psychiatrist Orlando Fl would help prevent and treat anxiety-related symptoms. In some cases, the medical specialist may suggest a combination of different treatments or medication. However, the treatment plan may also change over time.

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