HGINT Supplier Collaboration Portal

Supplier Collaboration Portal

Did you know that many problems that arise during supply chain management occur due to lack of adequate communication? We have just the right software that will help you address the issue from its cause itself. Our Supplier Collaboration Portal has been designed to bridge the gap between your organization and your suppliers. We can provide you with a single platform where all the necessary communication will take place building a good rapport. The involved parties having access to the required information at all times will minimize the errors associated. That is why we have developed our software by taking all those factors into account.

Our Supplier Collaboration Portal is the only software that you need to have in place to manage your supply chain. We have addressed all the issues related to supply chain management with a single software. Ours has the ability to track comments and complaints effectively. Also, it helps improve the accountability between the involved parties. Managing your suppliers efficiently will not be a problem again. Now that you’ve reached the right place make the right decision. Our software can help you out of this pickle and get you back on track.

In addition to all that, we have also added another essential feature to our software. Our Supplier Collaboration Portal is designed to be integrated with our ERP and our QMS. Software that has been incorporated together will help your firm function as a single unit. All the business processes can be handled effectively. None of the critical information will be missed out on. All relevant parties will always be in the loop. So don’t delay anymore. Make the right call. You know that our software is what you’ve been looking for all along. Implement it at your firm, and you are good to go. Contact us now!


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