Hard Money Loans Palm Beach For 2018

Hard Money Loans Palm Beach For 2018

Hard Money Loans Palm Beach: we make sure it is for everyone

Not every investor is a millionaire, and no one needs to be one to invest. Anyone can invest thanks to the private money lenders. Yes, we highlighted the hard money loans as we have removed the rigidity of traditional ways of financing adopted by banks and other similar entities. We do not demand 3Cs, clean credit records and what not. We are only concerned about your ability to succeed, and we are aware the ghosts of the past affect just over the weak minds. Nevertheless, Hard Money Loans Palm Beach is different from others, in a positive way, and you are about to find out how.

Let’s talk about the significant “difference” between Hard Money Loans Palm Beach and others. Whereas the other companies wipe off their hands after lending you the money, Bridgewell Capital looks after you even after that. Not because we are crazy and jobless, but because we value your peace of mind. We do not rush you, making you lose the efficiency of hard money in the long run. By customizing our loan programs as the following, we have ensured the long-term flexibility of our financing solutions;

  • Investor rehabs
  • Rental properties
  • Refinance cash-outs for investors
  • Commercial property loans for investors.

When it comes to convenience, we are exceptional in this department. We have gone the extra mile to pre-approve your loan requests in five minutes, saving time and other opportunities. Having done that, we complete a single project in less than ten days time. Our service providers ensures a hassle-free experience along with the investor services provided by our company, including

  • Proof-of-funds letters
  • ¬†Refi-builder
  • Project consulting.

Also, we have made sure Hard Money Loans Palm Beach does well for every investor out in search for a reliable source of funds. We do not discriminate; we provide cash to everyone. We are licensed to do so and have helped our clientele with more than $200 millions in funds.


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