Hard Money Lenders Palm Beach For 2018

Hard Money Lenders Palm Beach For 2018

Hard Money Lenders Palm Beach for Realists and Dreamers Alike

While some of you may have drawn a realistic business plan for real estate investment, some of you may be dreaming about a property with a SALE sign that caught your heart on the way home. We know people do not convert from having little money to millionaires overnight and Hard Money Lenders Palm Beach is here to help you in making your plan work or making your dream a reality by providing the financial aid to gap the bridge.
Bridgewell Capital is a direct lender that provides the fastest and the easiest funding services in the country. Our super fast pre-approval methods take only five minutes to accept or reject your request, and we guarantee a big YES for almost everyone who seeks our assistance. We base the value of the loan on the concerned property instead of your credit worthiness so those who have a bad credit past as well as ones who are self-employed stand a chance to obtain funding with Hard Money Lenders Palm Beach.
To provide a better service we have defined flexible funding programs for borrowers including
• Residential Real Estate Investments such as Investor Flips, Residential Rentals, Cash-out Refinance and
• Investor Loan Programs as Buy- Fix- Sell, Buy and Hold, Investor Refinance, Rehab Financing.
Also, we provide investor services ensuring error-free funding processes thereby avoiding any delays for early closure. With our expert employees at Bridgewell Capital, a single funding project is completed within ten days time. Our Investor Services are as follows:
• Proof-of-Funds Letters
• Project Consulting
• Refi-builder
Hard Money Lenders Palm Beach thrives to obtain win-win results for all our projects, ensuring ethics in business practice. We are a reputed company registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and have funded more than $200 million since the establishment. Our experienced employees are experts in the subject and provide you top quality customer service, guaranteeing a better user experience for everyone.


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