CT tables and their weight capacities.

CT scan 16 slice

It has become a common phenomenon for medical practitioners to wonder about the weight capacity of their CT tables. Unfortunately, there isn’t any specific answer when considering the weight capacity. In fact, it merely depends on the model.

It can be stated that the lowest-capacity CT table would be enough for around 100 patients. However, for certain specialties, it is essential to ensure that the facility looks into models that would be able to perform the intended scans on all patients that walk through the facility. Forgetting even the smallest detail could cost the medical center a significant amount of time and money that didn’t need to be lost in the first place.

For facilities to avoid these issues, the following information is provided to help gain particular knowledge on the most popular CT scanners in the market and the respective CT tables’ load capacity.

• The GE Discovery 750 HD has a maximum load capacity of 227 Kilograms which is around 500 pounds.
• The GE Highspeed CT/e, CT/e Dual has a maximum load capacity of 180 Kilograms which is equal to 397 pounds.
• The GE Hi-Speed NXI and the Lightspeed 16, 32, QXI, RT, and Ultra has a maximum load capacity of 205 Kilograms which is equal to 452 pounds.
• The Philips Brilliance 6, 10, 16, 40, and 64 slice has a maximum load capacity of 204 Kilograms which is equivalent to 450 pounds.
• The Toshiba Aquilion 8, 16, 32, and 64 slice CT has a maximum load capacity of 205 kilograms which is equal to 452 Kilograms.

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