Short-bore MRI scanners: Are they right for your practice?

used bone density machine

Over the years, there have been significant changes made during the evolution of MRI systems in particular. The primary goal of these advancements was to ensure patient-friendly services. All the way from noise reduction, to faster scan times, all of the changes that were made was to make sure patients were able to obtain MRI scans like everyone else.

While this is a good direction to go through, it may be a cause for concern if patient comfort compromises the overall functionality of the systems. The following includes information about the benefits and the downfalls of using short-bore MRI scanners.

The benefits of short-bore MRI scanners.

The most significant benefit of these systems is that it enables the body of the patient to be outside the scanner during the MRI scan. This way, patients can be ensured more comfort while reducing nervousness and claustrophobia. Short-bore MRI scanners also require less housing than regular MRI scanners.

The downfalls of short-bore MRI scanners.

While short-bore MRI scanners come with two significant advantages, with a bore length of 145cm, there is a sacrifice made to the field view of the machine when scanning. For facilities that require a complete scan of the body for certain studies, a second scan may be necessary. Going through with a second scan may mean that there would be more time wasted during the process.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is deciding on whether or not these systems are right for your practice based on the circumstances.

If you are in the market for a short-bore MRI scanner or decided to go in another direction, Amber USA has a variety of options to choose from. Additionally, Amber USA will also help you select the best system for your practice. That way your medical facility can be guaranteed optimal outcomes through patient satisfaction and quality results.

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Is it the “End of Life” for your MRI scanner?

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The term “End of Life” has become an increasingly common term used for quality but older systems. Since these MRI systems have been around for a longer time when customers are coined with the term “end of life,” for their equipment, the question may arise; what exactly does this mean?

The following information is provided to help clarify and alleviate concerns that customers who experience this situation may have.

With relation to MRI scanners, End of Life refers to equipment that has stopped production for over ten years. For MRI systems, End of Life is sometimes used as a tactic by vendors to motivate them to upgrade their current systems to newer models. This is mainly because facilities that still use End of Life equipment may experience difficulties finding parts and may experience discontinued field service.
While this is a cause for concern, there are certain exceptions where some MRI scanners can be maintained well over ten years. In fact, these equipment are the primary focus of secondary dealers. Additionally, ISOs sometimes maintain an extensive inventory of parts and a set of experienced engineers that can expertly offer their support to ensure the system is up and running for another 5 to 10 years.

There may be a list that goes on for high-quality equipment by brands such as GE, Hitachi, or Philips to invest in older equipment. However, not every system has that privilege.

If your equipment has reached its ultimate End of Life service, it may be time to upgrade or replace your equipment. That’s where Amber USA steps in.

Amber USA has a long-standing reputation for issuing high-quality used and refurbished equipment at an affordable cost. Amber USA’s priority is to ensure patients receive the best outcomes from the provided equipment.

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Why you should upgrade your MRI machine instead of replacing it.

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The pressure in the MRI world has reached its peak. While reimbursements aren’t improving, the market still has a high demand for quality images and efficient output. Not just any magnet will suffice, and most insurance companies require MRI machines to be approved with the strict guidelines for image quality. With that comes the pressure. However, fortunately, you may just be able to upgrade your MRI machine’s capabilities without having to purchase a new one.

The following are a few details devised by Amber USA on how your MRI machine can be upgraded for meeting demands, improving the quality of images, and lowering downtime on the equipment.

Under the exterior lies the most crucial component of an MRI machine; that is the magnet used to generate the magnetic field for developing the images. If you are using an older MRI system, many facilities may be able to provide a field upgrade on your platform. This type of upgrade on your machine would be able to maintain the magnet and its cooling system while being able to improve the system in other ways.

While this doesn’t mean that upgrading your system wouldn’t need replacements, less hassle would be involved. The components that may be used in upgrading your current system may comprise:

• New coils.
• New gradient cabinets.
• New computer consoles.
• New RF systems.

Another upgrade process that may be utilized could include applications training. New hardware and software may sometimes be challenging to learn. Therefore applications training would be a great way to understand how to make use of these systems.

If you’re considering upgrading your MRI scanner or other radiology equipment, don’t hesitate to contact Amber USA for more information.

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Vendor issued service plan or Third party servicing?

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If you’ve experienced a breakdown in your medical imaging equipment the next step would be to find a solution. During your search, you may come across third-party organizations that offer to service your imaging equipment. However, unfortunately, not all companies are able to provide services to match their claims. While there are a variety of companies that do issue quality services to customers, it is essential to be wary of the reputation of the organization before diving into the services they claim to issue.

Let’s say your medical facility requires immediate assistance to fix up your CT scanner. The first thing that comes to mind is an organization that worked on another piece of medical imaging equipment like a C-Arm and offered adequate servicing. So as a customer you purchase their services only to find that they are unable to diagnose the problem of the CT scanner.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem found in many third-party organizations issuing servicing for medical imaging equipment. While their engineers may be qualified, what counts is having experience, at the end of the day. With that being said, you may eventually have to face frustration with the inability to fix your system through the purchased third party services and may have to switch to a different organization.

The fact is that when purchasing medical imaging equipment, what is often overlooked is having a proper service plan. While some facilities may be able to grasp the services of an adequate firm, not everyone may be offered that privilege.

For that reason, Amber USA suggests when purchasing equipment from a vendor, make sure that the vendor is able to issue a service plan. Amber USA understands the necessity of having an efficiently working system and guarantees long term service to all clients.

If you are looking to purchase medical imaging equipment for your medical practices, Amber USA is more than happy to help you with your purchase.

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What Happens When A Person Lies On Their Divorce Documents?

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Typically during a divorce process, there’s a stack of paperwork that requires filling and multiple discussions between attorneys and the court.

When most people consider the term “divorce documents” they assume it’s the documents needed to open the case and complete it, a divorce petition, and the final judgment of the case. However, the term goes far beyond merely that interpretation.

When a spouse receives a divorce petition, the person will file a written response. After this, the spouse would exchange financial disclosures which would consist of income, expenses, assets, and debts incurred by the individual.

Generally, many spouses spend little time and effort in filling these forms out which would create gaps in information. It is important to remember that to receive a fair settlement, the relevant disclosure of finances and properties are required.

The consequences of lying:

Typically, the phrase “to the best of your knowledge and belief” is added to each of the documents because courts have an understanding of the fact that mistakes are bound to happen. If it is presented that a party to the case has unintentionally made a mistake, the judge is unlikely to hold it against the spouse. However, if the statement or representation is made knowingly, judges have the right to punish the individual with monetary fines or worse.

A few of the common consequences for lying on documents could include:

• The spouse would be guilty of contempt.
• The spouse may influence the judges thinking in a negative way.
• The divorce could be delayed. This could cost the spouse valuable time and money.

Since the process of divorce can be emotionally charged, it would help significantly to have someone there who knows the entire process and can guide the spouse, so he/she can focus on the primary objective. Choosing from some of the best Orlando divorce lawyers could help a stable divorce process. No name  based in Florida, USA. By providing experienced and a skilled set of attorneys, each client’s case can be diverted to the right path while ensuring client satisfaction with the services offered.

Quality Control Software – HGINT

Quality Control Software - HGINT

Have you decided to enhance the quality of your products and standardize them? Procuring quality standards for your products can help you gain that competitive advantage. A well-developed quality management policy can help you achieve the quality that you need. But getting there is not all. Your quality assurance policy must also be implemented to make sure that you retain your newly-achieved quality standards. That is why you need to get your hands on the best Quality Control Software available.

You’ve come to the right place. With HGINT, you always get the best. Our Quality Control Software can help you assure and take control of the quality of your products. Quality control is not the most straightforward task of all without the right tools. Also, conventional methods of quality control cannot support the rapid development of the industry any longer. That is why an automated system in the form of software is the go-to solution.

You can never go wrong with software that has been developed with sufficient skill and expertise. At HGINT, we have identified the need and catered to it accordingly. The need for a well-developed quality control system cannot be overlooked; Mainly because the quality is the key to being more competitive in the market. Standing out in the crowd will not be a problem at all with the right Quality Control Software in place. It is just a matter of obtaining the right software solution for your firm. With the right choice, your company can go a long way in whatever industry it is engaged in. So, decide now. Don’t delay the inevitable. Instead, get on track before your competitors do. Our software for quality control is the answer that you have been looking for. It can give you the results that you seek. So contact us ASAP, and get our software for your firm as well.

#1Hard Money Lenders Charlotte

#1Hard Money Lenders Charlotte

Hard Money Lenders Charlotte: foreclosures are a long way off with us

Every real estate investor fears foreclosure. It not only leaves you without the property but adds a black mark on your portfolio as well. That is, a foreclosure can destroy your future as a successful person in the investments sector. Even if you are not interested in it as a career, and you are just on a one-time investment for personal reasons, you can be in big trouble if you are unable to comply with the payback schemes. No matter if it is private money lending or the financial ways, we accept that the payback schedule is too short.

Hard Money Lenders Charlotte is aware that a one-size fits all approach cannot be used for various types of financing needs entailing real estate investments. Bearing this in mind, we have come up with the best solution to ensure your peace of mind. We have customized our loan programs to make sure you pay for what you got in a most reasonable amount of time. The following are the financial solutions offered by Bridgewell Capital;

  • Investor rehabs
  • Rental properties
  • Refinance cash-outs for investors
  • Commercial property loans for investors

Further, we have prioritized the provision of a friendly and a reliable service for all our customers. At Bridgewell Capital, you will be accompanied by a professional customer service provider and a project consultant. They work with you towards identifying your requirements, ensuring hassle and error-free project completion, eradicating any possibility of delays. This way, Hard Money Lenders Charlotte has been able to complete a single project in fewer than ten days.

As for ensuring the flexibility, Bridgewell Capital adopts easy and fast qualifying methods. The 3Cs are not a problem for us; we would fund you should you have the ability to succeed. Also, Hard Money Lenders Charlotte is unprejudiced. Even if you are self-employed and have a terrible credit record, we do not just look away. We are determined to provide an equal as well as an equitable service to our customers.

Tampa Event Planners:Planning Is No longer A Burden

Tampa Event Planners

Everyone shivers at the thought of planning an event, the right way. You can be experienced, or even a professional who is looking out for a hassle-free third party to plan your special event for a change. Either way, you will be taking the right turn by opting in Tampa Event Planners to carry out the event planning on behalf of you. We do not stress you out and destroy your event at last; we make sure your event stays in the mind of all your visitors as a wholesome picture.
Tampa Event Planners integrate the best venue with exceptional food; we work hard to exceed customer expectations. We have solutions for everyone with different personalities and preferences, including the best places in town and the best of the delicacies.
Saltblock Hospitality Group manages our venues and partner with others to enable you to expand your choices. Our list places consists of
• Glazer Children’s Museum
• Forty-two Ten
• Orlo
• Foundation Coffee
• Red Door
• The Vault
• Rialto Theatre
• Tampa Bay Watch and much more.
All the above places are a great fit for special events such as weddings (both large-scale and small-scale), get-togethers, and many other events no matter what your preference is; our venues range from outdoor terraces, beach fronts, courtyards, and vaults.
The next most important thing when it comes to an event is the catering. We undertake that as well, taking the heavy burden off your shoulders. Our food is of the very best quality, each plate hand-crafted by the industry professionals to bring out a culinary sensation. Also, our catering services are accompanied by beverage services, served by bartenders accredited for safe serving.
We believe there is no other event planner like Tampa Event Planners who are committed to making our customers’ events fabulous; we communicate your story to your guests through the venues and the outstanding food.

Corrective Actions Software

Corrective Actions Software

Irrespective of the product or service sold, or the scale of the business, any business that functions and operates on a daily or routine basis will encounter issues in various processes that may arise in unprecedented circumstances. It is necessary to approach the problem with a systematic methodology that will ensure that the current issue is solved in no time and will also benefit the personnel who will have to encounter similar problems in the future. At Harrington Group International we have identified the need of a Corrective Actions Software and have delivered it straight to you.
Our Corrective Actions Software, lets users manage any issues that arise and keep track of them on a real-time basis from anywhere in the world. We employ standard 5D, 7D and 8D problem-solving processes in our software. The main purpose of this solution is to allow our clients to ensure that their costly issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. In addition to that, it is a centralized system which can be used to record non-conformities.
It is also important that the responsibilities of resolving issues and implementing corrective actions are assigned to the relevant personnel. Having the right people working on an issue will guarantee that it’s solved in no time. Our Corrective Actions Software has been optimized and secured to the point where you have full control of the employees who have access to certain information and who do not. All actions and other relevant information regarding an issue is documented within the software and can be accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world by those who have been granted access. Specific records can be searched for easily using queries.
Our solution has also helped many businesses to achieve compliance with necessary quality standards that have been set out owing to the functionality of the software.

Business Lawyer Orlando

Business Lawyer Orlando

In today’s ever-changing business world, all businesses no matter the scale, no matter how old, require the services of a talented and experienced business lawyer to ensure smooth functioning of the business. All existing businesses target to improve their profits and secure their place in the market to become a productive and influential firm. Business lawyer Orlando, Ben Rust helps existing businesses to achieve these goals of theirs while helping entrepreneurs start new companies.
Many new ventures require the assistance of business lawyers. Among them, limited liability companies and corporations need the most help as they have to prepare articles of incorporation, etc. Business lawyer Orlando provides sufficient insight and guidance in setting up your new business without any legal hassle at present or in the future. That will establish the right path for your business which will then thrive itself to success. Companies that obtain services of well-experienced business lawyers have nothing to worry about. The legal matters will be taken care of while the shareholders run their business smoothly.
Businesses require the preparation of various contract agreements. Out of them, non-compete agreements are the most common, but they are all tailored according to the needs of each company. Business lawyer Orlando understands the depth of the employer-employee relationship but also knows the limit of that relationship. Non-compete agreements help save trade secrets and goodwill and also protect your rights. Preparing agreements unique to each firm giving more weight to what is most important to that company will help achieve this.
Also, the most important of all is litigation. Although all businesses try their best to resolve disputes or prevent them from arising in the first place, there will always be conflicts that reach an impasse. The services of a business lawyer well-versed and experienced in litigation have to be obtained in these instances to avoid costly legal proceedings.