Can the Custodial Parent Relocate With the Child at Any Time?

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Life doesn’t always limit you to one place. Personal or professional changes can cause you to move places. That’s just how things are sometimes, and you just can’t seem to do anything about it. Some people exhibit a certain unwillingness to having to adjust to wholly new surroundings and people. But some find it enticing and claim that it brings variety to life. It could be either case. But a divorced parent looking to relocate with a child have to consider the legal situation as well.

When you decide to relocate, either of two things can happen. The non-custodial parent might either give consent or not. In the favorable case where the non-custodial parent provides consent, matters become a lot less complicated. All that needs be done is figure out visitation for the non-custodial parent to maintain contact with the child. This must include the mode of transportation by which the child moves to each location as well. If that is settled between both parties, you can relocate to your new premises without any worries in mind.

In the other case where the non-custodial parent decides not to give consent to the relocation, matters get complicated. If so the custodial parent looking to relocate with the child needs to petition the court for permission to move. The court will after that consider the best interests of the child and approve or disprove the request. The custodial parent looking to relocate needs to provide evidence supporting the relocation. Child Custody Lawyers In Orlando who has handled these cases before can help you out with their legal assistance. Child Custody Lawyers In Orlando can help you prove your case in court and therefore gain permission for the relocation.

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