Business Lawyer Orlando: Supporting The Innovative & Adventurous

Business Lawyer Orlando

It is quite rarely an attorney provides additional services in business management apart from managing his/her law firm, but we at Ben Rust Law take pride as we provide our expertise in business related services for business owners and investors that thrive to be innovative and win over new challenges. Having understood the causes of the downfall of companies, Business Lawyer Orlando provides the following services to small businesses, implementing business tools and models with the law for you to achieve greater success.
• Business Succession Planning
• Commercial Litigation
• Transactions
• Business Purchase and Sales
• Corporate Entity Formation
• Contract Negotiation

Ben Rust Law makes sure there is as less resentment as there can be for all parties concerned by outlining the best Business Succession Plan. Having your business valued accurately and determined the methods of transferring the business we provide you assistance in choosing the right one having considered their strengths and weaknesses should you wish to pass your business to a family member.
As for Commercial Litigation, the Business Lawyer Orlando solves every business related disputes for you including breach of contract, business torts, shareholder issues, etc. and we provide legal assistance in transactions and companies purchase and sales.
By Corporate Entity Formation, we register your businesses as Limited Liability Companies, separating your identity and assets from your business. Also, we specialize in Contract Negotiation, getting what you deserve through exercising your bargaining powers in trade agreements.
Ben Rust Law ensures your business runs smoothly and we handle the legal aspects of your business professionally. More importantly, by partnering with Business Lawyer Orlando, you are gaining the added privilege of working in Spanish and Portuguese as we are fluent in all three languages.


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