Vendor issued service plan or Third party servicing?

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If you’ve experienced a breakdown in your medical imaging equipment the next step would be to find a solution. During your search, you may come across third-party organizations that offer to service your imaging equipment. However, unfortunately, not all companies are able to provide services to match their claims. While there are a variety of companies that do issue quality services to customers, it is essential to be wary of the reputation of the organization before diving into the services they claim to issue.

Let’s say your medical facility requires immediate assistance to fix up your CT scanner. The first thing that comes to mind is an organization that worked on another piece of medical imaging equipment like a C-Arm and offered adequate servicing. So as a customer you purchase their services only to find that they are unable to diagnose the problem of the CT scanner.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem found in many third-party organizations issuing servicing for medical imaging equipment. While their engineers may be qualified, what counts is having experience, at the end of the day. With that being said, you may eventually have to face frustration with the inability to fix your system through the purchased third party services and may have to switch to a different organization.

The fact is that when purchasing medical imaging equipment, what is often overlooked is having a proper service plan. While some facilities may be able to grasp the services of an adequate firm, not everyone may be offered that privilege.

For that reason, Amber USA suggests when purchasing equipment from a vendor, make sure that the vendor is able to issue a service plan. Amber USA understands the necessity of having an efficiently working system and guarantees long term service to all clients.

If you are looking to purchase medical imaging equipment for your medical practices, Amber USA is more than happy to help you with your purchase.

Whether you’re looking for a Philips MRI machine, GE CT scanner for sale, or a variety of other prominently branded used and refurbished medical imaging equipment, Amber USA has it all!

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How Digital Radiography Equipment Help Saving Time

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The medical field is often very hectic. The biggest dilemma faced by many medical professionals is the efficient use of time. Upgrading to better radiology equipment can actually help with efficient utilization of time. Minimizing delays in medical imaging can actually help a lot in terms of timesaving in the long run. If you’ve been hesitant about investing in an upgrade to your x-ray equipment, it’s time to be sure.

Digital Radiography is the timesaver that you’ve been looking for. Cut down the time taken for image processing by more than 10 to 15 times with an upgrade. Also, that with little to no retakes required. This is not just timesaving for you but better for your patients as well. That gives you extra time to review the results and ample time to decide or obtain a second opinion on critical cases.

Moreover, your x-ray images can now be reviewed on many platforms including other computers, laptops or even tablets. This accessibility has also provided more storage options even expanding to cloud storage.

All in all, the timesaver that you’ve been wanting is here to help you. Contact Amber Diagnostics now to find out about the Refurbished X Ray Equipment available for you. Review your needs and wants with the budget available and obtain expert advice on the best option for your facility. It’s high time to upgrade your radiology equipment and reap its benefits. And who better to help you than Amber Diagnostics with over 25 years of experience in the medical imaging equipment business. So hurry up and call the service team at Amber Diagnostics now!

Different Types Of Bone Densitometers

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Millions of people suffer from osteoporosis with every one in three women suffering from bone fractures because of their condition. Because of the large volume of patients that have osteoporosis, there is a huge demand for bone densitometers in the medical imaging equipment industry. A bone densitometer is a useful device used for diagnosing osteoporosis and determining the best direction to go towards for treatment.

The different types of bone densitometers can be categorized into three options, so it is wise to understand the difference between each one and the benefits so the right device can be obtained for medical practices.

Pencil Beam DXA.

This device is an excellent choice of bone densitometers and uses the original method for bone densitometer tests. The images are produced using a single beam of x-ray to achieve precise scans. The scans may take a long time since it takes time for the single beam to scan the whole body. For clinics with fewer patients, the Pencil Beam DXA is the best option.

Fan Beam.

If a clinic or hospital has a higher volume of patients, this device is ideal since it delivers shorter scan times. This is because the Fan Beam DXA uses multiple x-ray beams on the body to capture the parts of the body one at a time. However, the images produced are not high quality.

Narrow Angle Fan Beam.

This third type of bone densitometer also uses multiple x-ray beams across the body and also makes multiple passes across the body across the entire body for capturing more images. Clear image quality is achieved through these devices.

If you need to contact an expert to obtain information on which densitometer is right for your medical facility, Amber USA is the place for you. Amber USA issues some of the highest quality used and refurbished medical equipment including bone densitometers to fit a variety of different medical practices’ requirements accompanied by the best service in the market.

An Ideal Place To Find The Best Used X-Ray Machines For Sale.

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Think of a camera that captures images. Now think of it using x-rays to do so instead of visible light and now you’ve got an x-ray machine. X-rays penetrate different materials in different degrees. Therefore, bones, tissues, muscles, and tumors can be seen on film at varying levels of exposure. And these images help radiologists and medical officers treat their patients in an innumerable number of ways.

But now x-ray machines do not have to be a luxury. Instead, in many clinical settings, it is a must. Owing to its many uses and purposes, acquiring an x-ray machine for your clinic or department can be highly beneficial.

Nevertheless, the decision must be well thought out. There are so many options for x-ray machines out there. But, choosing the best fit for your budget and purpose can even be challenging at times. But that is what you’ve got professionals like Amber Diagnostics here for you.

Today, there is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on buying a brand new x-ray machine. That is when you can be purchasing a better-upgraded version for that same price range.

Used and refurbished x-ray machines of all top brands including Used GE X Ray Machines are available at Amber Diagnostics. These x-ray machines have undergone thorough testing to prove their functionality, usability, and accuracy. There is simply no reason to be clouding your mind with doubts about x-ray machines.

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What Happens After You Purchase Your X-Ray Machine

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The process of obtaining your radiology equipment consists of a series of steps. It does not end at the purchase. It needs to be packed, shipped or installed to put it in brief. While selecting the most suitable radiology equipment that fits your situation and budget is definitely important, we know that we should not part ways at the purchase itself. As the shipping, installation and maintaining process is not that simple, we are here to guide you.

At Amber Diagnostics, we make sure that your medical imaging equipment is safely packed and shipped. Your equipment is bubble and shrink wrapped, boxed or vapor wrapped and crated by our expert warehouse team. We even handle overseas shipping via sea or air.

We do not dust ourselves off at that. Installation of medical imaging equipment cannot be done just anywhere. The site selected for the purpose must comply with local authority regulations for installation of radiology equipment. The chosen location must be adequately prepared to be suitable for the use. That involves HVAC, power, wiring requirements and so on. But don’t worry. You will be provided with a specific blueprint for the selected make and model that includes all these.

After that comes the much-awaited installation performed by our service engineer and technician. The Amber Diagnostic team will connect, calibrate and even test the delivered radiology equipment for quality assurance.

That is not all. We even provide maintenance services as needed. Our professional service team can help you with preventative maintenance and offers 24-hour response. You can put your mind to rest as our 25,000 square foot warehouse contains a vast array of parts of medical imaging equipment. Are you looking for Used GE X Ray Machines at affordable prices? Contact the service team at Amber Diagnostic right away to purchase the best used and refurbished medical imaging equipment.

Does The Age Define The Performance Of A C-Arm Machine?

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When looking to purchase C-Arms, one thing buyers constantly demand from medical imaging suppliers is a device that “isn’t too old.” The fact is that it is quite rare to find pre-owned C-Arms that are only a few years old since the original purchaser of the system doesn’t necessarily have a reason to replace or sell the device due to its decade (or more) of service.

However, the truth is that the age of a C-Arm doesn’t necessarily define the overall quality and performance of that system. Many factors can determine the efficiency of a used C-Arm and include:

• The image quality.

When considering a used or refurbished C-Arm, it is essential to look for the most important feature – which is image quality. C-Arms are used to perform fluoroscopy; this means that image quality is crucial during minimally invasive medical procedures for patients. While age does play a small role in defining the image quality of a used system, how the system has been used will have a more significant impact on the image quality.

• Prior use.

Determining how effectively the previous owner used the C-Arm is vital. While the age of the system does depend on the prior use to an extent, the better rule to determine prior use depends on what the C-Arm has endured as well as the location. C-Arms used in smaller clinics might be of better quality than a C-Arm that has been used in a large hospital.

• New, used, or refurbished.

Currently, there are new C-Arms that are hitting the markets at affordable prices, which is convenient for multiple medical facilities.

However, used equipment offers quality as well as prices that are around 1/8th the cost of a brand new device.

Refurbished equipment, on the other hand, offers the best of both worlds – where new parts have been added to a used system which can extend the life of the system and provide quality imaging.

Choosing the right medical imaging system for your medical facility can be tough, but Amber USA makes it easy. Amber USA provides the option of high-quality used and refurbished equipment along with services that can help clients decide which system is right for their facility. Are you looking for a used or refurbished c arm or any other medical imaging equipment for your medical practices? Contact Amber USA now for inquiries!

5 Types of Service Agreements that Can Protect Your Used Medical Imaging Equipment.

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Medical imaging equipment is expensive. It’s essential to make sure that the investment made for these devices are protected and kept in quality operating condition. However, choosing the right kind of service and maintenance coverage can be complicated and confusing. There are several types of service plans available for medical imaging equipment.

The following are a few benefits on five different types of service agreements available to choose from.

  1. Full-service agreements.
    Full-service agreements provide full coverage. This is actually the most cost-effective way to ensure that the medical imaging equipment is working at its optimal level. Total protection is guaranteed without having to worry about what unexpected issue may arise. A fixed annual price is provided to cover all equipment repairs.
  2. Labor Agreements.
    A labor agreement is where a flat price is paid for an engineer to arrive at the facility to fix any problems that may arise. However, this option doesn’t cover the costs of additional parts that may be required for repairs. The engineer will have access to these parts; they just come as an additional cost.
  3. Parts.
    Service agreements can be obtained for coverage of parts only. If a facility already has engineers on staff, this option would be a smart choice,
  4. Shared risk service policy.
    In business, no one likes the fear of risks. Management for medical facilities would want the odds in their favor. A shared risk service policy provides medical imaging equipment owners the ability to be in charge of their equipment, repair, and maintenance costs. A shared risk service policy is quite similar to a full-service agreement, although it requires a deductible. This service agreement is the best since it covers many systems in one contract.
  5. Time and materials policy.
    If a facility has a high tolerance for risk, this policy might be perfect. Time and materials policy provides coverage for the actual cost of direct labor and the actual costs of the parts that may be required to fix the system.

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Preventive Maintenance For MRI Machines.

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Installing an MRI machine into a facility and building the MRI suite takes a lot of hard work and effort. Once the facility is complete, every practitioner wants to make sure that it stays in perfect condition. While certain problems that may arise are unavoidable, there are ways to prevent the unexpected from happening. This is known as preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is maintenance that is performed before an issue arises, to prevent unexpected breakdowns. It is one of the most important things that an owner can do to protect the investment.

Few important aspects of an MRI that require preventive maintenance.
  1. Chiller Service.
    If there is a chiller service included in an MRI preventive service contract, that is a good thing since it is rare. It is essential to keep in mind that every chiller manufacturer for an MRI requires slightly different Preventive maintenance.
  2. Cold head coverage.
    When considering parts, the labor, and the expenses for engineering, the cost of a cold head repair can be significantly high. However, it should be included in the preventive service plan of the MRI purchase. Preventive maintenance can prevent high CCU pressure or cold head knocking or banging. Engineering, Calibrations, and tests are normally unique to most MRI scanners according to the manufacturer and the model of the machine. It is essential to make sure a certified engineer is used to work on the specific MRI.
  3. ACR Accreditation.
    Having preventive maintenance doesn’t mean that the MRI machine meets the ACR standards. This program is essential to ensure that the MRI falls into the right criteria.

Be sure that you go through your MRI service contract to see if the areas mentioned above are included. You can also contact Amber USA regarding your MRI services.

Amber USA is a well-reputed firm known for issuing high-quality medical imaging equipment for any medical facility, clinic, or for other medical practices. If you’re looking for a refurbished or used MRI for sale , contact Amber USA now for inquiries!

Can SPF In Makeup Products Be Enough To Protect Skin From Sun Exposure?

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When it’s that time of year for the sun to be out more than usual, it becomes one of the most common dilemmas for women to try to wear enough sunscreen to protect their skin. Women are entirely aware that it is necessary for them to wear sunscreen all year round. However, it seems that by trying to get enough sunscreen on and maintain their beauty routine, it may be difficult to get on board with trying to take care of their skin.

So, the question arises, could the two-in-one cosmetics that doubles as an SPF provider for sun protection while offering the quality of make-up be enough to protect the skin?

It has become quite common to see the beauty industry flowing with different makeup products with SPF. This includes foundations, primers, and now even powders. Most people believe that having SPF in their foundation or primers will suffice for sun protection. Unfortunately, these products don’t get the job done and should not replace sunscreen.

It is also essential to keep in mind that SPF only refers to protection against UVB. UVA is a longer wavelength that could penetrate through glass. UVA is also the main factor that causes damage to the collagen and can also increase the risk of getting skin cancer.

Specialists recommend using sunscreen with both UVB and UVA protection and if possible, anti-oxidants to protect themselves against the more visible light spectrum.

If you have genuine concerns regarding your skin, it is essential to speak to an expert lake dermatology Leesburg FL. An experienced dermatologist would be able to help patients receive the skin care routine they need for achieving healthier skin and an improved lifestyle. Johnny Gurgen Dermatology is one of the best skin care specialist institutes in the state known for treating a variety of skin care problems to ensure patients are satisfied with their optimal outcomes!

Importance of Proper Calibration of Equipment and Machinery for a Company.

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Businesses must ensure they take all steps that are required in order to stay ahead of its competitors. One of the factors they must ensure is that the business achieves maximum productivity and efficiency. This means the business should fully utilize its resources such raw materials, machinery and labor. If this is achieved by a business, they will gradually reduce production cost and achieve a higher return on investment. Not only will the business enjoy higher profits, the business will be able to compete better against its rivals.

An important factor in any industry is the machinery and equipment that are used. With physical labor alone, no industry is able to do its production. Therefore machines and equipment are used to achieve better production speeds, accuracy and quality. As all things, machines and equipment have certain needs and limitations associated with them. One such need is the requirement of periodic maintenance or calibration. This is required in order to ensure smooth functioning and higher levels of performance. If maintenance is not done periodically, the machinery or equipment might face sudden breakdowns. Unprepared downtime due to such a breakdown will hinder the production process immensely. Therefore ensuring that calibration is done regularly is vital. Even though it is vital, most businesses are hesitant because of the downtime associated with calibration. A common limitation with machinery and equipment is the proper allocation of the resources. Due to unplanned scheduling, certain tasks are required to be halted till the relevant equipment is available. This will go on to slow down the production process.

All of the issues mentioned above can be solved by using a calibration software. Such a software will keep track of equipment calibration and alert the user when it is due. This software will also keep track of who is using the respective unit of equipment. This enables to properly plan and schedule the workload. Harrington Group International (HGI) Calibration Recall software uses cutting edge technology to best serve its users. Despite being advanced, this software can be deployed easily. Other than for the functionality of equipment history documentation, it also offers useful features such as report generation as well.