CT tables and their weight capacities.

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It has become a common phenomenon for medical practitioners to wonder about the weight capacity of their CT tables. Unfortunately, there isn’t any specific answer when considering the weight capacity. In fact, it merely depends on the model.

It can be stated that the lowest-capacity CT table would be enough for around 100 patients. However, for certain specialties, it is essential to ensure that the facility looks into models that would be able to perform the intended scans on all patients that walk through the facility. Forgetting even the smallest detail could cost the medical center a significant amount of time and money that didn’t need to be lost in the first place.

For facilities to avoid these issues, the following information is provided to help gain particular knowledge on the most popular CT scanners in the market and the respective CT tables’ load capacity.

• The GE Discovery 750 HD has a maximum load capacity of 227 Kilograms which is around 500 pounds.
• The GE Highspeed CT/e, CT/e Dual has a maximum load capacity of 180 Kilograms which is equal to 397 pounds.
• The GE Hi-Speed NXI and the Lightspeed 16, 32, QXI, RT, and Ultra has a maximum load capacity of 205 Kilograms which is equal to 452 pounds.
• The Philips Brilliance 6, 10, 16, 40, and 64 slice has a maximum load capacity of 204 Kilograms which is equivalent to 450 pounds.
• The Toshiba Aquilion 8, 16, 32, and 64 slice CT has a maximum load capacity of 205 kilograms which is equal to 452 Kilograms.

These are merely a few of the popular systems in the market. If your facility does not see your option in the list, please feel free to contact Amber USA for the necessary inquiries.

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Protecting your flat panel detector.

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While it is agreed that flat panel detectors are both a practical and economical option for bringing digital radiography to medical imaging scanning, the worst can be expected if the panel faces damages as it rides around the facility.

For this reason, it is essential to take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that the facility doesn’t face a loss through flat panel damages. This is where the use of flat panel detector cases come into play.
By using a flat panel detector case, improved protective capabilities can be ensured. A hard plastic shell would lock the panel and cover the edges of the device. These cases also offer a handle and protection from light impact damage, which could happen during patient positioning, during system movement through a hospital, as well as from fluid leakage or electronic damage.
The case also possesses an integrated scatter grid and also offers improved quality of images produced.
However, these cases do come with their own set of considerations. Flat panel cases will not be able to protect the panel from a bending force of trying to transfer a 300-pound patient. It is also suggested that flat panel cases do not be used with fixed x-ray systems.

A flat panel detector case averages between 1, 400 to 1, 500 USD. However, by having a flat panel detector case, it practically pays for itself as it shields even a single impact incident.
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AGFA Flat panel or Vieworks Flat panel detectors: which one is right for you?

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Since there have been incoming cuts for CR users, DR flat panel detectors are growing in the market like never before. Numerous panel manufacturers have been looking to fulfill the needs of medical facilities by providing high-quality products. However, having a lot of options might make the decision-making process a little slower for customers.

To help bring a little clarity to the decision, the following is a comparison made between two popular forms of digital flat panels provided by Vieworks and AGFA.

The similarities between the two devices can be seen as follows.

• The AGFA and Vieworks panels are identical when considering the construction of both devices.
• Both panels offer gadox or cesium scintillators.
• Both panels can be purchased in the standard sizes of 14” x 17” and 17” x 17”.

The difference between the two devices can be seen below.

• For the software suite of each device, AGFA panels use NXMusica whereas Vieworks uses VXVue.
• Vieworks flat panels have an AP mode which provides the ability to communicate directly with the workstation without the need for transmission through a control box. This feature is helpful for small to medium-sized facilities where traffic levels would allow panels to be shared between fixed rooms and portable x-ray systems.
• Vieworks panels can be purchased in 10” x 12” sizes for pediatric uses.
• The price of AGFA panels has been known cost around 20% more than Vieworks panels.
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X-ray equipment: from used to refurbished

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What some vendors call refurbished might not match up to what another vendor would call refurbished. Amber USA is well aware of the ambiguity of the term “refurbished.” For that reason, Amber USA has devised the following information to make potential buyers aware of the refurbishment process used.

The table

The table is disassembled; the parts are cleaned, repainted, and refinished. The table is then taken to a staging bay to be reassembled. Bearings, cables, and connectors are thoroughly inspected and replaced as required. Once completed, the table is analyzed to follow OEM specifications.

X-ray tube.

The process is the same for this part of the system. The external parts of the support system are then inspected, cleaned, repainted, and replaced as required. The internal moving parts are thoroughly cleaned and checked for sticking, hang-ups, or grinding. The x-ray console and collimator and also inspected and parts are replaced as required. Once refinished, the components are then sent for reassembling according to OEM specifications.

The chest stand.

Similar to the tube and table of the x-ray machine, the process for this portion is also the same, i.e., Disassemble the chest stand, inspect the parts, clean the parts and replace them as required, and refinish the components. One finished, the parts are reassembled as per OEM specifications. However, testing is needed for the DICOM to confirm functionality.

Final testing.

Once the many portions of the x-ray equipment have been thoroughly refurbished, the system is reassembled as a single unit and carefully adjusted and tested as required. For a digital system, there would be specified care taken for testing the detector for bad pixels.
Once all procedures have been completed, the room would then be ready for customer preview. Once a buyer is interested in the system, the components are disassembled and shipped to the buyer. The reinstallation process is then conducted from the buyer’s end.

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How much is a mini-C going to cost?

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For medical facilities, when thinking of stepping up the C-Arm game, it is essential to consider the budget. It may seem like pain physicians are making the most use of out an already existing full-sized C-Arm, so other options may have to be considered. With that being said, the first thing that comes to mind is a mini-C-Arm. The compact design provided by C-Arms is a perfect fit for the minimal work needed for the more straightforward issues, such as pain in hands or feet.
But just how much would be needed to spend for bringing a mini C-Arm into the facility?

Used mini C-Arms can vary significantly in price depending on age, features, and manufacturers. Depending on those factors, it is likely that the amount could range between 19,000 to 50,000 USD.
To determine which C-Arm is right for which practice, two major factors would come into play and includes the equipment options and the services offered.

Equipment options.

The factor that would affect the price the most would be the model of the mini C-Arm chosen. Flat digital detector systems may fall on the higher end, whereas, systems like the OEC 6600 may appear on the lower end of the spectrum.

Mini C-Arm services.

The services offered for these systems would typically include refurbishment, delivery, application training session, set-up, and a few other factors depending on the vendor.
Keep in mind that the purchase is entirely up to the buyer itself. The balance between the equipment chosen and the services offered can be customized to fit buyer requirements.

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3 x-ray equipment considerations for veterinary practices.

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Selecting the right x ray equipment for veterinary practices is much like doing so for human patients. However, it is good to aware of what sets them apart.
For those who may be in the market for medical imaging equipment for veterinary practices, the following is a set of information that practitioners may want to consider as they begin their search. Being aware of the details on the matter would be able to help adjust to the planning required and prevent issues from occurring in the future.
Equipment positioning.
Due to the variety of sizes in patients veterinarians may see, determining the right position of the equipment can be challenging. The positioning of the scan fit for a smaller animal won’t exactly be the same with larger animals.
It would be wise to consider putting aside a budget for positioning tools to be used with the equipment.
Equipment power usage.
When it comes to veterinarians who specialize in smaller animals, a device such as a mini-C-Arm would suffice in both penetration and power. However, for larger animals, the right choice would be to opt for larger scanners like a full-size C-Arm.
The cost of the equipment.
For veterinary practices, imaging equipment might require a few additional tools such as positioning tools, etc. which means that the budget plan may be exceeded. Fortunately, by focusing on refurbished systems, medical facilities can now save half the cost, and many companies offer a variety of equipment at flexible prices.
Regardless of the direction a medical office decides to through to purchase their imaging equipment, it is essential to consider the drawbacks and benefits before making a final decision.

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What you need to know about “x-ray in use” lights.

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Government regulations generally require that every radiologist exam room have a warning light outside when x-rays exams are being conducted. This safety precaution can help eliminate a lot of unnecessary radiation to anyone who may pass through the area.
With that being said, before implementing an x-ray system into a medical facility, a few questions may come to mind. The following information might be able to help medical practitioners understand a few things about an “x-ray in use” light.

Is it necessary to use an “x-ray in use” light?

The regulations of using these lights may vary from state-to-state. Therefore, the best way to find out what you need to know is to contact your local radiological department to see whether it would be required. However, the lights are recommended for the safety of patients, the practitioner, and passersby.
Who would be responsible for the light?

If the local authorities state that a facility needs to have one, the facility would then be responsible for both having and using the “x-ray in use” light. While these lights are typically connected to the equipment by the provider, complying with the regulation rests in the hands of the facility.
How can I install an “x-ray in use” light?

Installation of these lights is handled by the electrical engineer issued by the equipment provider. In advance to installing the x-ray system, the engineers would have to prepare the space and the medical facility head would have to confirm the needed.

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Short-bore MRI scanners: Are they right for your practice?

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Over the years, there have been significant changes made during the evolution of MRI systems in particular. The primary goal of these advancements was to ensure patient-friendly services. All the way from noise reduction, to faster scan times, all of the changes that were made was to make sure patients were able to obtain MRI scans like everyone else.

While this is a good direction to go through, it may be a cause for concern if patient comfort compromises the overall functionality of the systems. The following includes information about the benefits and the downfalls of using short-bore MRI scanners.

The benefits of short-bore MRI scanners.

The most significant benefit of these systems is that it enables the body of the patient to be outside the scanner during the MRI scan. This way, patients can be ensured more comfort while reducing nervousness and claustrophobia. Short-bore MRI scanners also require less housing than regular MRI scanners.

The downfalls of short-bore MRI scanners.

While short-bore MRI scanners come with two significant advantages, with a bore length of 145cm, there is a sacrifice made to the field view of the machine when scanning. For facilities that require a complete scan of the body for certain studies, a second scan may be necessary. Going through with a second scan may mean that there would be more time wasted during the process.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is deciding on whether or not these systems are right for your practice based on the circumstances.

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Is it the “End of Life” for your MRI scanner?

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The term “End of Life” has become an increasingly common term used for quality but older systems. Since these MRI systems have been around for a longer time when customers are coined with the term “end of life,” for their equipment, the question may arise; what exactly does this mean?

The following information is provided to help clarify and alleviate concerns that customers who experience this situation may have.

With relation to MRI scanners, End of Life refers to equipment that has stopped production for over ten years. For MRI systems, End of Life is sometimes used as a tactic by vendors to motivate them to upgrade their current systems to newer models. This is mainly because facilities that still use End of Life equipment may experience difficulties finding parts and may experience discontinued field service.
While this is a cause for concern, there are certain exceptions where some MRI scanners can be maintained well over ten years. In fact, these equipment are the primary focus of secondary dealers. Additionally, ISOs sometimes maintain an extensive inventory of parts and a set of experienced engineers that can expertly offer their support to ensure the system is up and running for another 5 to 10 years.

There may be a list that goes on for high-quality equipment by brands such as GE, Hitachi, or Philips to invest in older equipment. However, not every system has that privilege.

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Why you should upgrade your MRI machine instead of replacing it.

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The pressure in the MRI world has reached its peak. While reimbursements aren’t improving, the market still has a high demand for quality images and efficient output. Not just any magnet will suffice, and most insurance companies require MRI machines to be approved with the strict guidelines for image quality. With that comes the pressure. However, fortunately, you may just be able to upgrade your MRI machine’s capabilities without having to purchase a new one.

The following are a few details devised by Amber USA on how your MRI machine can be upgraded for meeting demands, improving the quality of images, and lowering downtime on the equipment.

Under the exterior lies the most crucial component of an MRI machine; that is the magnet used to generate the magnetic field for developing the images. If you are using an older MRI system, many facilities may be able to provide a field upgrade on your platform. This type of upgrade on your machine would be able to maintain the magnet and its cooling system while being able to improve the system in other ways.

While this doesn’t mean that upgrading your system wouldn’t need replacements, less hassle would be involved. The components that may be used in upgrading your current system may comprise:

• New coils.
• New gradient cabinets.
• New computer consoles.
• New RF systems.

Another upgrade process that may be utilized could include applications training. New hardware and software may sometimes be challenging to learn. Therefore applications training would be a great way to understand how to make use of these systems.

If you’re considering upgrading your MRI scanner or other radiology equipment, don’t hesitate to contact Amber USA for more information.

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