Are You Collecting Or Hoarding?

Clermont Psychiatrist

Do you think of the two terms “collecting” and “hoarding” to be the same thing? Are you collecting items or hoarding too much stuff?

The hoarding disorder is a real disorder that results in excessive accumulation of items, usually with no regard to their financial value. The disorder can cause difficulty in discarding or getting rid of excessive possessions.

Items are usually hoarded in this manner with the thought that they may be of use in the future. It can alo be because of their emotional significance or of the notion that they seem unique. It is not just physical items that are hoarded in this manner. Some even hoard too many pets.

The disorder usually results in the excessive hoarding of items and thus cluttering up the living space. This can make it impossible to use certain rooms for their actual purpose. Like cook in the kitchen or bathe in the bathroom. This can also result in minimal social interaction due to various consequences resulting from their hoarding actions.

It is essential to remember that collecting is not hoarding. Usually, those who collect certain specific items do so in an organized manner and don’t let it turn into clutter.

The disorder usually starts during the early teenage years and reaches excessive levels during old age. Early diagnosis and treatment can help immensely in overcoming this hoarding disorder. But the challenge usually is that the individuals themselves do not realize that they need help. That is why family and friends need to pay close attention and direct them to a competent Psychiatrist for help.

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