All That You Need To Know About “Fix & Flip” Investments

Davidson Hard Money

Fix and flip investments are really popular among real estate investors. A ‘fix and flip’ investment is where an investor purchases a run-down property at a very low price and then fixes it up with proper renovation to increase its value and sells it immediately afterward. These type of real estate investments need to be done quickly. That is because even the slightest delay can result in losses and the risk involved is high. But if the costs are estimated accurately, and deadlines are met, a huge profit margin is inevitable.

What matters here is estimating the cost of renovation accurately. If you discount this too much, you might end up at a loss rather than actually gain from the deal. Also, fix and flip investments require funding soon and are mostly short-term. Less than a year in most cases. Most investors tend to back down in these situations due to lack of funding. Even banks tend to reject these short-term loans. That’s where you need to turn to hard money lenders. Hard money lenders provide quick and easy funding for fix and flip investments. They will offer you a percentage of the ARV as funding for your investment. ARV is the After Repair Value of the property. These loans are processed fast with minimal delay for investors to make use of excellent opportunities as they arise.

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