AGFA Flat panel or Vieworks Flat panel detectors: which one is right for you?

used GE x ray equipment

Since there have been incoming cuts for CR users, DR flat panel detectors are growing in the market like never before. Numerous panel manufacturers have been looking to fulfill the needs of medical facilities by providing high-quality products. However, having a lot of options might make the decision-making process a little slower for customers.

To help bring a little clarity to the decision, the following is a comparison made between two popular forms of digital flat panels provided by Vieworks and AGFA.

The similarities between the two devices can be seen as follows.

• The AGFA and Vieworks panels are identical when considering the construction of both devices.
• Both panels offer gadox or cesium scintillators.
• Both panels can be purchased in the standard sizes of 14” x 17” and 17” x 17”.

The difference between the two devices can be seen below.

• For the software suite of each device, AGFA panels use NXMusica whereas Vieworks uses VXVue.
• Vieworks flat panels have an AP mode which provides the ability to communicate directly with the workstation without the need for transmission through a control box. This feature is helpful for small to medium-sized facilities where traffic levels would allow panels to be shared between fixed rooms and portable x-ray systems.
• Vieworks panels can be purchased in 10” x 12” sizes for pediatric uses.
• The price of AGFA panels has been known cost around 20% more than Vieworks panels.
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