Importance of Proper Calibration of Equipment and Machinery for a Company.

calibration software

Businesses must ensure they take all steps that are required in order to stay ahead of its competitors. One of the factors they must ensure is that the business achieves maximum productivity and efficiency. This means the business should fully utilize its resources such raw materials, machinery and labor. If this is achieved by a business, they will gradually reduce production cost and achieve a higher return on investment. Not only will the business enjoy higher profits, the business will be able to compete better against its rivals.

An important factor in any industry is the machinery and equipment that are used. With physical labor alone, no industry is able to do its production. Therefore machines and equipment are used to achieve better production speeds, accuracy and quality. As all things, machines and equipment have certain needs and limitations associated with them. One such need is the requirement of periodic maintenance or calibration. This is required in order to ensure smooth functioning and higher levels of performance. If maintenance is not done periodically, the machinery or equipment might face sudden breakdowns. Unprepared downtime due to such a breakdown will hinder the production process immensely. Therefore ensuring that calibration is done regularly is vital. Even though it is vital, most businesses are hesitant because of the downtime associated with calibration. A common limitation with machinery and equipment is the proper allocation of the resources. Due to unplanned scheduling, certain tasks are required to be halted till the relevant equipment is available. This will go on to slow down the production process.

All of the issues mentioned above can be solved by using a calibration software. Such a software will keep track of equipment calibration and alert the user when it is due. This software will also keep track of who is using the respective unit of equipment. This enables to properly plan and schedule the workload. Harrington Group International (HGI) Calibration Recall software uses cutting edge technology to best serve its users. Despite being advanced, this software can be deployed easily. Other than for the functionality of equipment history documentation, it also offers useful features such as report generation as well.

The Price Difference Between Used, Refurbished & Brand New MRI Machines

Used Philips MRI Machine

There are many things (mostly personal items) that better not be purchased secondhand. But MRI machines are not so. Used and refurbished MRI machines currently have a higher market than their brand new counterparts. There is a good reason for this. Used or refurbished MRI machines usually perform as well as the brand new ones. They deliver good performance throughout an adequate lifespan. The cost of a used MRI machine can vary across a wide range and also depending on many factors. Depending on the requirement, the price of the used or refurbished MRI machine that suits your needs may be different.

A few of the factors upon which the cost will depend are the manufactured year, field strength, channels, etc. The newer and more powerful the machine the value will definitely be higher. And also, the price may vary depending on the brand name.

Generally, while used MRI machines will be the least expensive, refurbished are somewhat less cheap. Nevertheless, used or refurbished MRI machines are definitely a bargain compared to purchasing a brand new MRI machine.

Refurbished MRI machines will approximately cost up to 30% to 40% less than a brand new one. Even better, used MRI machines require roughly 50% to 80% lesser than a new machine. That is a rough price limit that helps you understand the price differences between brand new, used and refurbished MRI machines.

As you can see, opting for a refurbished or used MRI machine lets you upgrade to a better MRI machine than when buying brand new. All the more, it is highly recommended to purchase a trusted brand from a reputable seller as buying an MRI machine is not a measly investment.

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